For thousands of years, seeds have been revered for their life-giving potential. Ancient cultures centered rituals around them and viewed them as sacred givers of life. While small and seemingly insignificant, they actually contain highly concentrated nutrients that our bodies crave.

They’re not just about the nutrients, though, they also contain all of the elements vital for the creation and extension of life: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential amino acids. Indeed, they are Mother Nature’s secret to youth, life, and vitality. There’s a good reason the ancients held them in such high esteem.


Interestingly enough, each seed that sprouts grows into something much bigger than itself. Many of these plants are extremely healthy and improve the lives of those who consume them. However, the essential components of the seed’s nutrition that our bodies could benefit from, are often lost when the seed blossoms into full-grown plants.

Although, we may be eating fruits and vegetables like we should, we’re actually missing out on a lot of those nutrients that we think we could be getting directly from the seed.

Seeds have always played an important role in the history of human health, but until recently, have been forgotten. That’s why, at Rain, we’re bringing them back.

SEEDS are the nutrient,  dense part of the plant!

Everything in nature began with a seed. 
So that’s where we started, and that’s where we’ve stayed. 

Seed-based nutrition is only going to get bigger, because it’s the most natural and pure source of fuel for our bodies.

As the source of all life, seeds are proving that what is sowed is actually greater than what is reaped

Nutrition at it's finest