RAIN SOUL- The Pure Wellness Supplement Product


Rain SOUL is a ready to drink healthy supplement, prepeared with a blend of awesome natural seeds extract and components that have been used for ages as ideal nutritional supplement. It is a nutritious drink which comes in a 2- ounce pack, and is proven to be a highly effective to get you out of weakness instantly.

It’s easier to maintain, than it is to recover!

Oxidative stress is measured by free radical damage to cells. Fortunately, our bodies handle this problem daily. However, if our bodies experience an abnormal increase in free radicals due to daily stress, excess saturated fat intake, depressed immune system, aging, etc. the body becomes fatigued and less efficient. Because of this, we need to supplement in order to regenerate the cells energy system.

The idea behind food supplements, or nutritional supplements, is to deliver nutrients that may not be consumed in sufficient quantities.

These supplements can help assure that you get enough of the vital substances the body needs to function; may help reduce the risk of diseases.

SOUL | Health Benefits

  • Helps support healthy joints
  • Relieves minor muscle pain after exercise
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • It reduces High Blood Pressure
  • Fibroids & menstrual problems
  • It promotes healthy hair growth
  • It increases red blood cells
  • It takes care of arthritis, rheumatism and gout
  • It helps to balance out the blood sugar

The pack contains nothing other than what the nature gives you purely. Combines the raw power of three plant based ingredients for an antioxidant, vitamin and mineral rich blend. Natural sources of nutrition that don’t include the potentially harmful or useless fillers that are found in pills, capsules, extracts, oils, etc.


Black cumin seeds
Boost immunity*
Support digestive health
Help maintain regular blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels*
Help treat respiratory conditions like asthma and improve coughing and wheezing from allergies, flu, bronchitis, etc.*
Be used to supplement cancer treatment

Black Raspberry Seeds
High source of antioxidants
Ellagic acids (which help fight cancer cells)
Vitamin E and several B vitamins
Fiber, potassium, and calcium
Prevent/fight cancer
Boost collagen production
Support healthy joints
Boost immunity
Support heart health

Chardonnay Grape Seeds
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Preventing and fighting cancer*
Detoxify the body after chemotherapy*
Regulate cholesterol
Improve brain power and prevent cognitive diseases
Fight free radicals
Improve immunity
Improve complexion



In SOUL, you get the impact of the Black Raspberry Seeds hailed for its immune system strengthening properties, the Black Cumin Seeds loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. While the incredible antioxidants found in both Black Cumin Seeds and Black Raspberry Seeds fight the harmful effects of free-radicals, the essential fatty acids found in the Omegas support and help repair cell membranes. The SEEDS are the heroes in this remarkable product. They are the storehouses of the antioxidants and when treated properly through our cold press process, they yield the best results. Your body will strong and healthy, because you take in the purest form of energy. It is an all in one drink that can both keep your body healthy and mind fresh.

How It Works and Why You Should Try It

Rain Soul is designed to make nutrition a convenient part of your daily routine. Packaged in easy to travel with containers, Rain Soul can either be eaten by itself, mixed into a smoothie, or spread on other foods. The natural flavors and sweetness from the ingredients make Rain Soul a tasty treat.

Please note you may use the product topically as well. I like using it as a face exfoliator and mask. After you consume the product cut the edges of the pack along the sides and gently apply leftover on your face. Leave it on until dry, than wash with warm water for a nice glow.

Because it has anti-inflammatory properties you may also apply the leftover anywhere on you body, where you feel tender or inflamed area. It has that nice cooling effect, you may leave it on as long as you’d like. It does not feel sticky it dries nicely.

Soul is NOT the next juice, puree, or exotic berry from a remote location. Soul starts with the foundation of seed, and it’s not just any seed. Soul employs ingredients derived from a cold pressed process that accesses the nutrient-rich oils and flours from botanical seeds without altering their chemical composition. The result: powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help the body maintain balance and avoid today’s most pressing ailments.

So, in a nut shell-no pun intended-that is our story. We use seeds as the foundation of our products. Try them and find out for yourself what our seed-based formulations can really do for your health.

Health Made Easy, Simple And Powerful


Increase your natural energy with seed-based nutrition! Not sure about it, buy samples first so you can try out this wonderful supplement for 6 days. I am sure you will love it.


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